There is still much to do; much to learn!”
-La Farge

When I first learned that I had been chosen for the Youth on the Air project in Prilep, I felt excited. My first abroad experience was in Spain with the Erasmus Learning Mobility. I stayed there for five months and had the opportunity to learn about European culture. Now, I have three months to live in the Balkan culture. I knew that it had lots of similarities and differences with my own culture. Now, it is the time to discover them! On my second day, we had an international dinner at our house with people from the association. When I tasted the dishes, I was shocked because most of the Macedonian meals were similar to Turkish ones like musakka, pisi, etc. I also learned that we have similar words like hayde, buyrun, etc.
When it comes to my housemates, I feel lucky because they are so helpful and kind. When I first came to Prilep, they showed me around and gave me some prior knowledge about Prilep. They are from France. I believe that we have lots of things to share. This is one of the advantages of taking part in an international project.
And, we met the local volunteers. They invited us to go hiking to a fortress called Markovi Kuli. Our dog friend Bob also accompanied us. It was an enjoyable journey. We took beautiful pictures in breathtaking views and learned about Prilep’s history. We also talked about Turkey since some of the volunteers have been to Turkey.

November 8, 2021

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