Hi everybody. I hope you are all good. Today I will be with you. My name is Oznur Karadeniz. I am from Trabzon, Turkey. I am going to talk about Turkish culture., and play some Turkish songs.

National Feelings
National feelings have a distinctive place in our country. There is a high level of love and respect for Atatürk and the Turkish flag. Almost everyone hangs a flag on their windows on national holidays.
We Turks can turn greetings into a flood of love. When we meet, we kiss on both cheeks and hug each other. Also, the act of kissing the hands of the elders of the family is a sign of great respect.
Turkish Breakfast
Besides the crowded and delicious Turkish breakfast tables, the fact that they are full of conversation is actually a part of this culture. Sometimes, the Sunday breakfasts last almost until the afternoon. We Turks really like to have breakfast.
Turkish Tea
It is the crown of breakfast. Tea has no limits. It can be served anywhere, it is the first thing that comes to our mind when we can find a drink. You can hear this everywhere; What do you drink?; I will have a tea. Turkish Cologne Lemon cologne is one of the things that Turks enjoy serving the most. For example, you had dinner in a restaurant, it is inevitable that the waiter offers you lemon cologne on your way out. In addition, lemon cologne is often served during home visits.
Turkish Coffee
Turkish delight is always served with it. Just like tea, coffee is the best accompaniment to conversations. After breakfast, in the afternoon, after dinner… It doesn’t matter. Also, we have a coffee fortune-telling culture. Everyone is good at this.
Turkish Bath
When it comes to Turkish Bath, this is a tradition from the Ottoman Empire. The hammam, which you enter with a loincloth, is quite hot, just like the saunas. By filling the bowls with water, you are washing with the accompaniment of conversation.
Turkish Hospitality
You must have heard that the Turks are hospitable people. Especially in Anatolia, this culture is even more common. It is a great pleasure for Turks to host a foreigner at home, to eat and drink.
Thank you for your time and attention. Have a nice day.

November 8, 2021

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