With the spread of the digital environment in the world, people started to connect each other quickly. In other words, people on the other side of the world can communicate instantly with other people. Although there are many positive effects of digital world on children, the popularity of the internet, social media such as Instagram and TikTok effects negatively on children. Also, they exposed to disinformation and fake news, easily, so there is a negative connection between disinformation and fake news among children.

Firstly, disinformation and fake news affect children psychology. When children see news on social platforms, they might believe this news and they started to be anxious and nervous immediately. This situation might be harmful for children’s well-being and self-esteem negatively. Another effect is that fake news and disinformation affect children in a social way negatively. Most children spent their times by looking at social media, so they don’t have time to go outside. Therefore, their social capabilities and development may slow down. For example, they don’t have time to make friends because they spent all their time on fake news and misinformation. As a result children get lonely in time.

In conclusion, fake news and misinformation affect children negatively. Nowadays, children open their eyes in the world with social media with fake news. We cannot prevent this, but we can prevent children from being exposed to false news. First of all, families should be aware of this this issue. Secondly, lessons about false information and fake news can be given in school. I hope that in the future young minds equipped with useful information will increase even more and the society will be conscious about it.

June 30, 2022

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