In today’s world, the effect of the digital age is evident in every field. Especially the internet and communication networks create a new culture creation environment. Unlike other cultural environment, the rapid spread of information in digital culture environments has many positive and negative consequences. Based on this, the spread of fake news that emerged in the crisis environment during the covid-19 pandemic process, which affected the whole world, has gained an unstoppable speed with development of technology.

The fact that communication networks are easily accessible by many communities has also increased the area of interaction. This area, especially in social media apps like twitter, you tube, Instagram, face book, what’s app and recently TikTok. The fact that internet users produce content and present it to the public in a rapid manner has given birth to the concept of citizen journalism. Fake news, made for many purposes such as increasing the number of followers, attracting attention, propaganda, terrorism and manipulation can reach large masses without confirming the accuracy of the news are the main factor accelerating this spread.
With the corona virus epidemic, the curfew and the more intense use of the internet created a new lifestyle. As a social being, human beings have been, imprisoned in their homes, face to face communication has been restricted, and have undergone a radical change in areas such as school, home and workplace. They changed the areas of communication with measures such as social distance, avoiding all kinds of physical contact, not spending time in closed places. In particular, education and employer institutions have tired to adapt to the process by using applications such as zoom, skype, google meet, which are online communication programs.

It may impose censorship and broadcast has on some issues in order to prevent the public from receiving miss and dis information and to r educe turmoil. Deterrent fines and prison sentences may apply.

June 30, 2022

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