According to the Turkish news media, there is a lot of fake news circulating today. Turkey has to fight about this.

With the start of production in communication digital, there is no purchased product – while the media big and small are angered, the internet media small side “news media”, which is often a media name, right now and from the same point and reason about preparation. It raised doubts in the reliability of the shaking of the professional and classical understanding in production. In the face of this situation the information about the non-operation of the distortion is false or false news in made. This information and news, which comet be produced and turned in the reality in order to clerihew new goals, crises from the “bending” of reality – The main factor in the increase of the fake news in insecurity.

From Turkey, “teyit – org” , “alumatfump”, “shared of truth” and “fact-cheding Turkey” are the results of the fight against fake news establish today.

June 30, 2022

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