Workshop about the rights and obligations of children

On Tuesday, 20.11.2018, Germain and me participated to a workshop in Clement Ohridski School organized by the students from the high school youth organization from Gymnasium. On 20 November it is the Universal Children’s day so the main theme was the rights and obligations of the children.



At the workshop participated around 20 children aged 10-11. We started the workshop with an energizer called Ninja, where everyone was staying in a circle and had to hit the hand of the person next to him, and the other person had to escape. It was good and the children enjoyed it.

After this the leader of the workshop, Angela, explained something to the children, and after this we asked them some questions in English. They were really excited to speak English, so we asked them what is their favourite food, what they do in their free time, and also they asked us some questions.

Then they started to work on the theme of the workshop, where they had big cartboard papers and they had to write on it what they think their rights and obligations as children are. They did it in an interesting way, they drew the shape of their hand on the cartboard and inside they put their ideeas. During this Germain also did something creative, he drew on the whiteboard some cartoon characters, like Mickey Mouse, Buggs Bunny, and Lucky Luke, a character that is popular in France. The children were very interested and they started to draw on papers the models Germain made on the whiteboard.

At the end we took some photos and the kids had a lot of things written on their cardboards, so it means they were pretty creative. Also they asked Germain to make them some drawings of their game heroes or characters, so we will go back again in December for a creative workshop.


Written by: Catalin POPSOR