“Vanitas” – уметничка изложба на Крсто Анастас Глигорјадис

Здраво на сите !

I rarely have the occasion to speak about specific events, especially artistic ones.

But this time I will be able to make it, and to make publicity for an artist that I like a lot, and who is also my friend.

The 2nd of June, at 19:00, the designer artist Krste Gligoriadis will present his exhibition: “Vanitas”. Based in Skopje, this experimental artist decides after the success of his first exhibition: “Les veux de la mama”, to reiterate and to propose to us a very new exhibition. When I asked him how he could describe it in a short way, he explained me that it will be an artistic spectacle composed of visual arts with a new way of conveying the concept. In this exhibition, you will find many different artworks of modern conceptual abstract art, with different techniques.

It promises to be a very cool moment, so if you have the occasion to go to Skopje to this date, don’t hesitate to come to see “Vanitas” in the Macedonian Opera and Ballet.

See you there!

Written by: Paul Knecht  – Deyber