This afternoon the Gymnasium high school’s students attending theater lesson gonna take part of a french theater festival in Bosnia in which there will performance nine theater classroom coming from whole Balkan area. Their premiere will be around 17. They will act in French. I had the honor to work with them since some months by giving them some tips learn how to get in the characters, how to be as much spontaneous as you can, how to be able to read the subtext beyond the lines. We worked hard, we worked apparently by using a language which didn’t belong to no one of us, English. Nonetheless we were able to communicate successfully because we used much more than a foreign language, we used theater. I remember once one of them confessed me he felt ashamed of talking with me because of his bad English. I said him to speak Macedonian if he’d prefer or just to act, to show me what he needed to tell me. Language is a passable easily border when you get on the stage. It was really great for me working with them, seeing their improvements and their not just theatrical growth, exhorting them to believe more in themselves and to find their own way to act that character, that emotion, that feeling because it doesn’t exist “the way”. For this reason theater is so colored, surprising, exiting.





I followed carefully and devotedly their attempt to stage the comedy of Emanuelle Delle Piane “VOLTE-FACES ou LES ENVIES DE DÉMOCRATIE” and I estimated them more for the effort to do it in a language they are still studying. The comedy, which its title sounds in English like “turnaround or the Democracy’s desires” is a metaphor about power. It speaks about Démocratie, a teenager with a little bit of complexity, who for her birthday asked to the Governor, his father, to commission a series of painting illustrating the words Liberty, Peace, Justice, Nature, Power, Love. The artist in charge of making the “gift” will not have the easy task. With the help of his assistant Vigousse, he will have to intensify his efforts to satisfy everyone: the powerful well-know commissioner, the young Democracy and even his pictures! With the guys we worked on power’s relationships by reflecting on it but especially by making some exercises about it. Honestly I believe our exercises and talks really helped them to give their characters life and I’m so glad and grateful for that. I’m really sorry that no one covered the costs of my travel to make me able to go with them for the premiere but I’m sure they will shine because I know their light.




I wish them the best, a lot of “shit” as we say between actors in Italy. The explanation of this smelling wish is in a story. Back in the time people were going to theater with the horses and carriages by parking on the back of the theater their means of transport. Therefore if at the end of the show you could see a lot of horse’s feces and let your nose be inebriated by those ones, it meant a lot of people had came and the show had went well.Well, a poetic way to say that the glory’s perfume is shit! Letting jokes apart, anyway it is true that theater is not about glory, at least not for me. It is about freedom. It is about independence. It is about growth. It is about joy as well. I wish you to fly guys, to enjoy the most and to dream as strong as you can. I hope you won’t forget our meeting, I hope you will keep in mind what I shared with you and that you will remember to trust more in yourself than in the often stagnant system around you, to be more “anarchist” and ever more self confident.


our actors from Gymnasium just arrived in Bosnia for the Festival

I wish you to dare always.

I love you and I’m proud of you.

A bientot,

Vanessà. 😀



Written by: Vanessa TORCASSO