The night of time by René Barjavel

In this article, I will speak about a novel fiction I really like and open my mind to new horizon.


In the dephts of the Antartic, a french expedition find a mysterious object and decide to study and pierce all of his secret. Inside of the objet was cryogenically frozen two persons, a man and a woman from wearing weird dress. The woman is the first to wake up, so she is the first to start to talk about her story. She narrates a similar tale like these legendary lost civilizations we already hearded about like Atlantide and also El Dorado.

My opinion about the novel

This is a story with a lot of interesting people and got along who make us feel empathy all along the trip. Since the beginnig the mystery overwhelm us, by his environment then the discovery of an improbable and surprising profile. In this way the story continue to surprise us with a lot of dream. The autor show us different point of the moral, with all abundant vice the humanity commit trought all the epoch until today.

Missfortune and destruction is bet, but a real and simply love is preserve and cunningly note, as for the feeling the protagonist continue to express all along the tale until the end.

Then the story and moral are interesting, they success to dissociate science fiction from the real world and remind us what the humanity is able to do, and it is starting to recreate a violent and disappeared past.


In conclusion I recommend warmly this book for science fiction lover and because it is a part of these unmissable books.


Written by: Theo MAGGESI