Second meeting with High-School presidents

In the months of October and November we had the first two meetings with the high-school presidents. I think the reason we started only in October is because they had to elect the presidents so it took some time from when the school started until they got them elected.

The first meeting was took place in the end of October, where Germain and me participated and got to know the presidents. We presented to them our project, the fact that our tasks include creating an yearly program for the high-schools, to participate in workshops that we can organize together, to help them with anything they need for different activities and workshops.

On the second meeting our new colleague from Italy, Vanessa participated also. She introduced herself to everyone. We discussed about the activities that the high-schools have in plan. Gymnasium has the most activities in plan, for example they have  a debate about private and public universities, they will have a workshop about the rights of the children.

Also they have a common activity, a handball competition between high-schools, that takes place in the sport gym of the Economical High-school. Moreover, we organize together a workshop that has the theme of Thanksgiving, that will take place at our office in Info Sega, where we are making postcards around the theme and we will sell them and donate the money for charity.

Furthermore, the high-schools will organize together a debate about discrimination, also they have in plan activities about oratory speeches, poetry or music .

written by: Catalin POPSOR