Scary stories, legends, and creatures of France PART 3

Today I will tell you about the animal that caused me to spend a good part of my childhood with a cold from searching for it in the middle of the night….. A magnificent and misunderstood creature.

I’m going to talk to you today about DAHU.

The DAHU is a mountain animal, it looks like a mixture of a ibex, a goat and a lama, but this is not its main characteristic. The DAHU has two shorter legs than the others, which allows it to be extremely stable on mountain slopes.

Even if it was almost impossible to get close to him, for centuries, zoocryptology specialists have been able to give us a lot of information about him.

For example, we know there are four races of DAHU:

– The “levogyrous” Dahu (longer legs on the right)

– The “dextrogyre” Dahu (longer legs on the left)

– Dahu “ascentus frontalis” (longer hind legs)

– Dahu “descentus frontalis” (longer front legs)

Unfortunately, there is now only one species of Dahu today: the Levogyrous Dahu.

The DAHU is an herbivore, eats a lot of toxic berries, its digestive system allows it to destroy the poison and appreciate its flavour. But it is also very interested in pastries and cakes. It is not rare for the DAHU to come down (circling around) the mountain and sneak into villages to steal bakeries.  It was in a village in the SAVOIE region that a clever system was created to prevent the DAHU from losing its balance and getting hurt, the villagers effectively raised the roadsides to allow it to trot peacefully. This ingenious system was called sidewalks.



This physical characteristic makes it possible to regulate the intelligence of the herd, effectively, to reproduce, the DAHU must go around the mountain to reach the female. If he misses his first attempt, he is forced to go around the mountain again. And meanwhile, the female descends one level. The advantage of this mode of reproduction is that it prevents stupid individuals from reproducing. In fact, he think he will find the female at the same level, but die of tiredness to find her. The dumbest DAHU can’t reproduce.

There are many hunting techniques for DAHU, but only one is 100% effective, it is necessary to be at minimum 2, one hunter stands at the bottom of the mountain with a huge empty bag, the other goes around it, the hunter at the top of the mountain must arrive behind the DAHU and whistle, the DAHU turns around, and falls, so it is at the bottom of the mountain that the first hunter gets the DAHU in the bag.

Currently, DAHU is endangered, so don’t forget, just because an animal, or even anything else is pretty or mythical, doesn’t mean you have the right to hunt it and make it a trophy. Let’s protect the DAHU!

Thanks to reading me.


Written by: Germain PICOT