Scary stories, legends, and creatures of France PART 2

The story I am telling you today goes back to the dawn of time, the time when kings ruled each valley, the time when monsters ruled each forest.

The story I am telling you today is the story of the fabulous city of YS.

Once upon a time, there was a king, King Gradlon, he ruled the land of Cornouaille (northern France), he owned a fleet of more than a hundred ships. One day he decided to go to the lands of the North with his army. These lands are those of the gods, across the oceans, he wanted to confront the divine creatures and bring back to Cornouaille the riches of the gods. He and his army fought for many years, but no loot appeared. One day, the soldiers, tired of these clashes, abandoned the king and returned home. Leaving Gradlon alone on these dangerous and deadly lands.

For four days Gradlon continued to fight, on the fifth day he was out of energy, while life was leaving him he felt a presence. She was a beautiful woman, with red hair and green eyes. Her name was Malgven, she was the queen of the north. She charmed Gradlon and asked him to kill her husband, the king of the land over the oceans and take her to Cornouaille with him. Gradlon accepted and killed the king in his sleep, so he recovered the king’s immense fortune.

Malgven owned a sea horse called Morvac’h, capable of running on the oceans. It was with him that they escaped from the northern lands and joined Gradlon’s fleet. The soldiers, seeing their king returning as a survivor, accompanied by a fabulously divine creature, all apologized and celebrated Gradlon’s glory, none of the men in the entire army now had any doubt about the king.

The northern gods, for their part, were unhappy. They caused hurricanes and storms to prevent Malgven, the queen of the north, from escaping. The return journey took a year, and shortly before arriving in Cornouaille Malgven lost his life by giving birth to Dahut.

Dahut grew up in the land of Cornouaille, she became the most beautiful girl in the kingdom, she had the eyes of the sky and the hair shining with the sun. No man could resist her charm.

She fell in love with the ocean, and spent all her days swimming there.

One day she asked her father to build her a city by the ocean. It was a colossal task, all the king’s subjects set to work. In just one year, a city emerged from the waters, it was immense and made of white stones that reflected the sun, visible for miles and miles. The city had only one entrance, a large bronze gate, of which only the king had the key. This is how the splendid city of YS was born.

Every evening Princess Dahut sang facing the sea. She asked the ocean to bring the most beautiful boats, the most beautiful sailors to her city so she could admire them. She asked the ocean not to be jealous, she would give him back his sailors, and later she would marry him.

YS became the most festive city in the world, every night thousands of sailors and travellers came to play, drink and rest there. The city was rich and powerful.

Every day, Dahut had a new lover, in the evening she made them wear a black mask and spent the night with them, in the morning, at the crow of the rooster, the mask tightened and suffocated the unfortunate. Dahut then threw the body into the bay of the fallen, thus returning it to the ocean. Every day the ritual of love and sacrifice repeated itself.

One morning, a strange knight arrived in town, dressed in a red cloak and a golden helmet. Dahut was unable to resist this man’s charms and decided to make him his lover for the night. He accepted on condition that she would leave the city with him at night. Dahut’s heart was conquered, she stole the keys of the city from her father to open the bronze gate.

Once the door was opened, a wave higher than a mountain fell on the city, the knight had disappeared, Dahut was alone in front of this disaster. The king woke up and saw his city slowly disappear under the waves.

Gradlon rode Morvac’h and went in search of his daughter, he galloped through the collapsing buildings, syphons, huge waves, he showed the most powerful courage of all time. He finally approached his daughter and got her on the horse, saving her from drowning. As he walked away from the dying city, a voice came from the top of the rocks, that of St. Guénolé, which said: misfortune to you, princess, who made sin the banality of the days in this city. The king, as if possessed by the voice, pushed his daughter.

She disappeared under the waves with the city. Gradlon and St. Guénolé attained the mainland, the only two survivors of YS.

Even today, sailors still say that you can hear Dahut singing in the evening, and in calm weather, by diving with your head underwater, you can hear the city’s bells ringing….


Thanks to reading me.

Written by: GERMAIN Picot