Poems and Tales

You will find here some stories, poems, which in my opinion are very important, we actually have a lot to learn from our ancestors. I can’t unfortunately tell you the authors, because I don’t know them, but maybe that’s the whole importance of the morals. Imagine for a moment a river, a small waterfall, a luminous tree, the water reflects the warm rays of light of the sun. you are sitting on a stone that was there long before you arrived in this world, long before everything you know happened. These little stories cross your mind, in this place of serenity. Have a good reading, have a good journey.


I wanted strength……   and I had some difficulties.

I wanted wisdom……    and I had some problems.

I wanted to be brave… and I had some dangers to face.

I wanted prosperity….  and I had people to help.

I wanted love……           and I had people to love.

I wanted favors…           and I’ve had opportunities.

I didn’t get anything I wanted….

I got everything I needed.

This too will pass.

A king was continually torn between happiness and discouragement. The smallest thing annoyed him a lot or provoked a strong reaction in him and his happiness quickly turned into disappointment and hopelessness.

He sent peoples to seek a old sage man who lived in his kingdom

When the wise man arrived at the court, the king said to him, “I would like to be like you. Can you give me something that will bring me balance, serenity and wisdom “

The old sage handed a sculpted jade box to the king.

After opening the box, the king found a simple gold ring in it.

Inside the ring, there was an inscription that said: “This too will pass”.

“Wear this ring at all times,” said the wise man.

“Whatever happens, before you call things good or bad, touch the ring and read the inscription. Then you will always be at peace”.


What if… and if…!

Two seeds rested next to each other in fertile soil in the spring.

The first seed, in accordance with the natural order, plunged its roots deep into the earth and threw its stem high into the air… its buds opened like flags announcing the arrival of spring… it felt the sun warming its leaves and the morning dew was bathing its petals!”

And she’s growing up!

The second seed says:

“I’m afraid. If I put my roots in the ground, I don’t know what to expect in this darkness. My stem is fragile, if I try to pierce the earth’s crust to rise into the air, it could break. What if, barely half-opened, a worm eats my buds? How about I show my flower, who knows? A child could tear me off the ground. No, it’s much better to wait to get out until there’s no more danger.”

And she waited!

A bird that passed by, searching the soil for food, found the seed waiting and without any other form of trial, devoured it.


Written by: Germain Picot