Youth Exchange “Welcome to the HUB”

“Welcome to the HUB – entrepreneurship and business opportunities in small urban areas” is a youth exchange between 7-16 may 2019 to be held in Sarata Monteoru,Romania with 43 participants from 8 countries: Spain,Italy,Latvia,Lithuania,Greece,Czech Republic,Macedonia and Romania and includes 19 youngsters with fewer opportunities.

The actual context is one when the youth unemplyment in small urban areas is growing,youngsters don’t have enough competences to acces the labour market or initiate a private business.

The aim of exchange is increase employability of european youngsters of 18-25 years old by developing key competences needed to access labour market.

Youth Council Prilep selected 5 candidates for this exchange. Mihaela, Luka, Trajche, Andrej and Davor will have an opportunity to learn to learn new staffs, to change experience with other 38 participants and come back with new knowledge about entrepreneurship and use in future business opportunities.

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