Workshop: Environmental protection

On the Friday of 25 of January, I had the presentation about the Environment. It was a topic I chose for my personal project for the EVS, because I observed that here in Macedonia, at the local shops, the sellers offer a plastic bag for almost every product, so in my view it is too excessive.

In the presentation I talked about how the plastic products affect the environment, from animals like cows and turtles that ingest it by mistake, to natural habitats like forests and waterways that are poluted with a lot of plastic debris.

I suggested also some activities that the young people can do to prevent this kind of pollution, like reusing the plastic bags when they shop, trying to avoid plastic straws when they drink, or trying to replace plastic tools with other type of material. Also I suggested a kind of outdoor activity in the spring, like a competition between the high-schools, to try to collect as much garbage as they can from the outskirts of the city.


Written by: Catalin Popsor

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