„Welcome To the Hub – Entrepreneurship and Business in Small Urban Areas”

ODEN Association from Nehoiu announces starting the Youth Exchange activities called “Welcome To the Hub – Entrepreneurship and Business in Small Urban Areas” in the frame of KA1 Action – Mobilities of youth, Erasmus+ programme of European Commission.

The activities will take place at “Casa cu tei” hotel in Sarata Monteoru, between 7th and 16th of May 2019 and will reunite 43 participants from 8 European countries: Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Greece, Macedonia, Spain and Romania.

The aim of the project is the development of the entrepreneurship attitude and increasing the opportunities of employment of youth through a better understanding and taking advantage of the opportunities of work and business in small urban areas.

 The specific objectives are:

  1. Offering to 43 participants from 8 European countries, for 8 days a common workspace and activities for enhancing the consciousness of the importance of entrepreneurship education in the initiation of business in small urban environments;
  2. Developing entrepreneurship competencies and increasing the potential of applying the next 10 months in order to initiate business in small urban areas for 35 youth and 8 group leaders from 8 European countries;
  3. Stimulation of the interest for entrepreneurial youth participants initiatives by developping a “business hub” and the creation, promition and dissemination of 7 business plans appliable in small urban environment;
  4. Promotion by the young people of creative instruments for entrepreneurial education in 8 small urban communities having as result the increase of the appeal of the youth unemployed for the business initiatives until 1st of March 2020;

Nonformal education style activities will be organized during the 8 days of the mobility: games, presentations, workshops, intercultural evenings, study and cultural visits. The main workshops will consist of the making of 7 business plans designed for small urban areas and creation of promotional materials: videos, flyers etc. Meanwhile, study visits, meetings with local entrepreneurs and with students from Nicolae Iorga High School from Nehoiu will take place.

The results of the project (the main ideas issued during the debates and discussions, along with the business plans) will be gathered in a brochure. This and the educational informative materials will be edited on a DVD and will be published on the Facebook page of the project. The dissemination of the results will be made by all the participants using the Internet, social networks and informing sessions in the partner associations. The partner associations will disseminate the results by media, partnerships, online postings

      ODEN Association is a youth structure that supports projects and initiatives by and for the youth. For details about this project and other aspects concerning our activity please contact us at asociatia.oden@gmail.com

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