To Teach French To Small Kids – A New Experience!

Since a couple of weeks, I realize some French courses with a kindergarten call Montessori just like the method. I begin in the end of September and I teach them different kind of vocabulary in french. For example: how to present himself, numbers between 0 to 10, geography.

Usually I work with children from 2 to 6, with a class of 10 children. My workshop last around 30 minutes. Two teacher assist me while my workshop, for the communication and also to participate. Ina surprising way, some children can speak a little bit English. I enjoyed each lesson with them because they learn fast and some of them can be very curious. Most of the time they want to communicate with me in Macedonian. It’s a pleasure to answer with a “Да” because I just begin some Macedonian lessons actually.


I have these French lessons to Montessori’s school every Monday and Tuesday. I want to continue until the end of my EVS. Of course in the meantime, I have other activities but I want to have the possibility to do each of them correctly.


Written by: Theo MAGGESI

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