My long trip in Paris

On August 04, I left Macedonia to come back to France for my VISA. I needed this paper because beyond 3 months in Macedonia, you do not estimate as a tourist person so you need a reason to stay longer (like worker for example).

I lived at my aunt’s house in Senlis, a village close to Paris. She was on holiday so she invited my mother to come later. My mother lives in the south of France in Montpellier. This part of France is very hot as Macedonia. The heatwave in July was higher than previously, exactly at 46° C. A world record..

Anyway, when I came for my VISA I spent all day to visit Paris but I didn’t have so much time and money on attractions. I just had time to visit l’Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. I never visited l’arc de Triomphe at any time. It looks very bigger when you’re under it with so many details on each side of the monument. In the middle of this one, you can see some date of memorable moments in France since 1870 (September 04th, 1870 is the date of the first republic in France).

Later I walk until the Eiffel Tower because I found it by coincidence on my way, poking out of some buildings. On the same way was a big museum call “The Museum’s Man” separate in two buildings. Between these ones was a ton of people taking photos and videos, dancing or selling knick-knack. In the background was sitting the massive Eiffel Tower. I took the time to come under the monument because every 2 minutes I took some photos for memory.

When I arrived close to the tower, this one was surrounded by a big barrier tall as 6m. Only two entries for visiting. Last time I went there was 5 years ago. No barrier. And now since 2 years ago, they installed it because of terrorism..

After visiting the Eiffel Tower, I passed through Le Champ de Mars, but it was starting to rain very hard. Time for me to leave the city and come back to my aunt’s home.

This day was not a shiny day but I think I will still keep a good memory about it.

Written by: Theo Maggesi

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