Most popular professions for youth in the world for 2018

The most popular professions in the world are of interest to those who have not decided on the final choice or are thinking about the field of activity.

What were the most popular professions for 2018, in biggest demand?

Engineering Specialists

This specialty is chosen not only by hereditary “technicians”, but also by those who plan to keep pace with progress. Rapid development of construction industry and automation of production is not far off. The well-educated engineering staff quickly evolves to senior management. The main thing is not to be lazy to delve into the subtleties of production. Unlike the grandfather-engineer, you will have to master, at least, technical English. This will significantly increase your quotes in foreign companies, who gladly hire domestic engineers.

The number of programs for tablet PCs, smartphones and other gadgets today is thousands. But users are waiting for new applications no less than children – gifts from Santa Claus. Therefore, ensuring the working capacity of the software market is a promising and profitable business. An essential bonus of IT-worker is the mastery of design skills and the skills of modeling websites. By setting your goal to work in Google or in Microsoft, you can easily realize the dream.


Very high demands are put forward to the hippocrates of the 21st century. In addition to the knowledge of anatomy, which yesterday was enough to work in the regional polyclinic, fundamental knowledge in the field of electronics and biotechnology is needed. Modern medical centers that purchase high-tech medical equipment prefer doctors, whose humane aspirations to help humanity are backed by the ability to communicate with technology. Such doctors are guaranteed not only grateful responses of patients, but also high social guarantees.

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