A new training in Skopje

On the date between 17th and 20th, I went to a new and longer training in the capital of North Macedonia. Around 10 volunteers from all the country came to this meeting to share that unique moment. Turkish, french, greek, german, dutch and Sardinian people were reunited to a shared point for an ultimate experience altogether.

During the training, we participated in several kinds of activities in order to know each other. These activities were all different and intuitive. For example bu duo, we might explain what signifies to be a volunteer, a mentor, an NGO, etc. For another game we were separated into three groups and we tried to unite a puzzle on our own. The fact is some pieces were missing but was mixt to and another random group. In this way, we worked collaboration, sharing, understanding and different ways of thinking also.

The national agency team was very nice, they participated sometimes in our training and asked us 3 times a day coffee. I didn’t use to drink any coffee before and know my favorite one is café frappé. They brought us good meals at every lunch and dinner, sandwiches, tacos, salads.

We lived to a great hostel not so far from the NA, everything was ok, just like the room, the reception, the bathroom, etc. The staff member was very nice and friendly with us. Even some nights, they gave us some beers for free and we talked a lot about our previous several adventures. Just like every new traveler were all foreigner, from a different continent but most of them were from Europe obviously.


Outside of the training, most of our team stayed together and hang out in a different kind of restaurant, bar. The first night, the NA invited us to an Italian restaurant in the center of the city. We all ordered a different pizza. Mine was good, with a lot chorizo of course. Next nights, we hang out almost all together but each time, I was surrounded by Turkish people. In that way, I learned more about the Turkish language than the national language. Ayyaş sensi !

In conclusion, this little trip far from my home to the meeting to other people was a good thing. We exchanged contact with each other, we know each other better and I hope one day we will realize some project together.

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