My trip to Skopje part 2

So I want to continue the story of my trip, but I just realized I forgot to mention a thing that happened on Wednesday. In the evening we had a small gathering at their apartment, where some other EVS volunteers from Spain and Estonia were present, they are colleagues and friends with the hosts. Also there were some Macedonian friends of theirs invited, and the Italian trainer from my on arrival training was there too, so it was a good night with a lot of different people.

Then, on Friday around 14 I left the apartment to go walk around Skopje. It was a sunny day so I enjoyed walking around the center. I wanted to visit a museum, so I decided to try the Museum of contemporary art. I put the Google Maps on, and arrived there around 16. As it turned out, it’s situated on a hill, so I could see all the city of Skopje, and finally stayed outside for an hour and watched the sunset from there. When I went to see the museum it was almost 17 so it was the closing hour, but the sunset was really good,so it was worth it.



After enjoying the sunset, I went through the old Turkish Center, had a Tavce Gravce, and then I visited a Turkish shop from where I bought some tea and a small perfume. In the evening I went to the opening of the Gallery for Skopje’s Astronomical Society, where there were pictures of the Universe, taken by different artists. There were a lot of people attending the event,there were free drinks so I enjoyed it. It was really amazing to see how big the Cosmos is and what beauty resides around us.



On Saturday after noon I went with Selina and Mathis, my hosts,  to have a coffee in the Old Turkish center. After this, we wanted to check Jumbo the shop, but it was packed with people so we gave up the idea. We went back to the apartment, and I rested for a while and got prepared for the concert. I talked to Peter, a German friend who is volunteering in Kavadarci, and we agreed to meet at the concert venue. At around 8 I left the house, and went on foot to the concert. It took me around 50 minutes to reach it, but it was enjoyable. There I immediately saw Peter, he was in front of the stage with his friend and host from Kavadarci, Theodor, and a group of German people that were also volunteers, some in Skopje, some in Bosnia or Hungary, and they came for the concert.

At the beginning there were 2 rock bands playing on the main stage. They were pretty good, but after I went to check the second stage where there was a hip-hop Dj, but I didn’t stay that much there, just around 20 minutes. After this I went to see the silent disco, which was pretty cool, with all the people with headphones on their heads, dancing to techno music.


After dancing for some time on techno, I went to the main act of the festival, the concert of Dubioza Kolektiv, a group from Bosnia. It was really amazing, the atmosphere was great, and I even participated to my first mosh-pit there, along with Peter. Most of their concert I was just jumping around sharing the good vibes with people there. The last act was also really great, it was Pendulum Dj set, which was some good dubstep and drum’n’bass music, I danced until 4 in the morning. Then I left the venue with Peter, and we went to a bakery he knew about. It was really enjoyable to eat some pastry at 4.30 in the morning after a night of partying.

I arrived at the house around 5 and slept just until 10:30, I don’t know how I managed to wake up with such little sleep. After I woke up I went to Vero Mall to eat something and  buy some Christmas presents for my people in Prilep. Later I went with Selina and Mathis to meet with Peter. He was presenting the german group the city, and then we went to a kafana and ate some kebaps, drank a beer, and around 19 I left with the bus to Prilep.

All in all it was an amazing experience where I got to have a lot of fun and to understand how great it is to be an Evs volunteer in a country such as Macedonia.


Written by: Catalin POPSOR