Last weekend I went again to discover this amazing land. We reached the National Park of Mavrovo, we visited the surrounding wood which it is cheered by a fresh river. By the way I fell down inside the river in the attempt to cross it by walking on a really thin and slippery log. Thus I stepped on the soil with my naked feet encouraged by my boyfriend. It was a pleasant sensation except for “zurka” (nettle) which I met on my path unfortunately. We sat down on the shore of that amazing lake in the middle of the Mavrovo’s forest.

I couldn’t resist and I took off again my shoes and I started jumping on the water. It was so clean but so frozen too!  We walked along the shores of the lake til the big waterfall where some fishermen had been gathered to fish. We sat down on the cement wall which contains the waterfall to watch it and we let ourselves to get dazed from its surprising strength, at least til my boyfriend didn’t told me ” I’m a little bit dizzy”. We slept in a really pretty accommodation and when we drove along the up hill to reach it we glimpsed in the back the old famous St Nicholas Church which it is flooded from the water every summer.


The day after we went to visit the old church and since it misses some time before the summer will come we were able to get within it and to visit it. My boyfriend proposed me to leave the park in order to reach another amazing place, “you will see”. So we arrived in front of a huge astonishing cave which it is easily able to make you feel a really tiny creature. It is called the Cave Peshna and it  has the biggest entrance on the Balkan which achieves 30 meters height. It is breathtaking. The cave comes from the late ancient time in Macedonia. The legend tells that the King Marko had two sisters, Deva and Peshna. These maidens moved in this region after getting married by living with their respective husbands. Since women at that time couldn’t get out alone, king Marko made build a castle for Deva opposite  the one of Peshna. In this way the two sisters were able to communicate every day through the natural echo of the Cave which it became so known like Cave Peshna.

It started raining but the cave protected us and let us to take our coffee by sitting comfortably on the edge of the fortress from where we could enjoy an amazing view.

If I think again to all those in Italy who had commented my decision to leave for Macedonia by questioning that there could be something interesting to be visited, if I remember their skeptical faces when they were asking me “And what is down there?”, I really can’t stop laughing!


Written by: Vanessa TORCASSO