My first Macedonian Lessons

This week I have had my third Macedonian lesson together with my two colleagues from Turkey and France and I am pretty content with the way it is going. We have two lessons per week, each one lasting 1 hour and a half.

On the first lesson we learned the Cyrillic alphabet, and until now I can say that I know 95% of it. I still have some problems with some letters that I don’t usually use in English or Romanian, but with a little practice I will know it well. Also we learned how to write our names in Macedonian, and I even changed my name on Facebook in Macedonian! Also we learned the consonants, the vowels, and how to put the accents on words, which is like this: the Macedonian stress always tends to remain on the third syllable from the last syllable, except for the foreign words.

On our second lesson we learned the ways of greeting people, both formal and informal.We learned how to introduce ourselves and. Also we wrote down some useful phrases, like thank you, sorry, the same. The teacher taught us also the numbers from 0-10, and the personal pronouns.

On our third lesson we learned how to conjugate the verb „to be” in the affirmative, negative  and interrogative form at the present tense. Moreover, we learned about the demonstrative pronouns, and in Macedonian they have a particularity that I haven’t seen before, they use a different pronoun for objects near the speaker, a different one for objects near the listener, and a different one for objects far from both the speaker and the listener. Also we learned about the genders of the nouns. For example, the masculine nouns end in a consonant, the feminine nouns end in the letter A, and the neutral end in E or O.

We have homework everytime for the next lesson so that is a good thing to help us practice our basic Macedonian. Looking forward to the next lesson.


Written by: Catalin POPSOR