My first impression in Macedonia !


  1. The beginning

A hard starting followed by  a long trip, this is what I expected.  I left Montpellier a 21th Tuesday on May to Paris. A lot of step was waiting for me like each of them was important and the least mistake could be very expensive.

That was my standard of value, I came to the wrong train station and it was too late to change it. I confused this train station with an other one. Fortunately, Maja helped me and sent to me the embassy’s number to prevent them.

So, I paid a new ticket for the next trip to Paris. No problem while the trip except my phone’s battery was very low and I tried to save it during all day.


  1. In transit to Paris

Finally in Paris, I rushed right to the embassy. I didn’t go to the capital since 5 years ago. Some details change like the security for the transport.

When I arrived to the embassy, people waited on me. I gave them all the papers, nothing was missing.

I didn’t have time to visit the capital. Someone from my family waited on me to host me. The next day I took the flight for Macedonia.


  1. Final Destination 2 (not the horror movie)

Here in Macedonia, my flight arrived very late to the airport. I just missed the last bus and decided to use a taxi. The taxi man was kind of crazy, maybe dangerous. I was afraid to be kill between two straight streets. But he didn’t, plus he helped me to find people who waited on me. I stayed one night in Skopje then the next day I went to Prilep in the afternoon.

Frosina waited for me on the Prilep’s bus station. We drove  until my apartment in the first time and then I meet all the people from the association. What a shame because some of them was leaving already.

To resume, I’m happy to be finally in Prilep in Macedonia, I already met a lot of new interesting people and discover some parts of the city, not only the center.