Le Sport

Sport, very important and vital for some, simply fun for others, but it remains an excellent means of expression. Well crazy is the one who thinks that the sport is limited to football, rugby, basketball, and those that are commonly broadcast on television. Similarly, for the history of sport, many believe that ancient sports were precarious and barbaric.

Today let’s check the opposite through some interesting and amusing facts.

1: The oldest sports

We can start by mentioning sports since the dawn of time, let us see here the oldest sports and still practiced.

Wrestling is considered one of the oldest sports in the world. How do I know that? The famous rock paintings in the cave of Lascaux, in France, date back more than 15,300 years and represent men wrestling. In fact, paintings modelled on wrestlers have been discovered all over the world, some dating back to 7000 BC in Mongolia, others to 6000 BC in Libya and in prehistoric caves in Japan as well. A fragment of papyrus has been found with inscriptions concerning the rules of wrestling, and it dates from between 100 and 200 AC. And, after all this time, wrestling remains one of the most popular sports in the world.

Javelin throwing is one of the other sports to be included among the disciplines of the Olympic Games, and has been since the first editions. It is still an event at the modern Olympic Games today. It is an athletic sport that involves throwing a javelin as far as possible. The first javelin throw was introduced at the Olympic Games in 708 BC. Originally, the spears used for this sport were much lighter than those used today.

We also have the Polo, it’s a sport that was first practiced during the period of the Persian Empire in Central Asia, especially by the emperors themselves. Polo is a team sport played on horseback where both teams must score points by hitting a small wooden ball to get it into a goal. The first documented evidence of the existence of this sport dates back to 316 AC. The game as we know it today was developed in India, then under the yoke of the British Empire, where the first polo club was established in 1833.

2: The most dangerous sports

the most dangerous sports are off-piste skiing, wingsuits and cave diving. choose between the one that allows you to start an avalanche at any time, the one that allows you to take a mountain wall at full speed in your face, or the one that threatens to lock you in an exegetical cave lost in the depths of the water accompanied by total darkness… but if it is the adrenaline you are looking for, go for it!

3: Some crazy sports

Since 1995, the Finns have been organising the World Wearing Wear Championship. The concept? Carry your wife along a 253-metre long course of sand, asphalt and grass, and around a series of obstacles. The partner’s weight must be at least 49 kilos. If she is lighter, she must weigh herself heavier by carrying a backpack. The carrying techniques do not obey any precise rules.

Gluttonous friends in search of strong sensations here is the sport of your dreams: cheese rolling has a simple concept but highly effective: a round cheese is thrown from the top of a hill. Behind him, a hundred participants rushed down the slope to catch him. The first one to get it won! The original competition has been held for 2 centuries on Coopers’ Hill in Gloucester, England. The cheese is estimated at about 8 pounds, or 3.6 kilos. Participants start on a slippery, very steep slope, where accidents are very frequent. In 1997, 33 people were injured resulting in the cancellation of the competition the following year.


This small selection gave you some ideas?

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Written by: Germain PICOT