Language Cafe Game Edition

On this Monday 10, I participated to my first event call language cafe that is a mixt about board game and different languages. We invited some people and we received a surprising crowd of them. We played two board games prepared by Begüm and Emma, our special Turkish and American our teammate.

The first game had been imagined by Begüm, a fun and lively game! The rules: there is a question to each paper, roll into a ball on other paper question. There are two balls with the same question to each step. A song is play and you have to throw the ball to some else before the song stop.

People was very invest on this game and stick to dodge the ball whatever the cost!

The second board game had been realized by Emma, an American board game call Pictionary. Here the point of the game was to draw something and let your team guess what was the word. People really enjoy this game and they may use the pane to draw something. We spent all the rest of the time to play this game and I didn’t have time to place mine.

That was a good opportunity to meet new peoples and share a good and dynamic moment. The place was a great choice to realize this kind of event.

Written by: Theo MAGGESI