Three years ago here, in Macedonia, an amazing protest started. Unfortunately I wasn’t here to take part into, but by watching the images on the screen I got excited.

These images make me able to see this country from a different perspective.

In that time Macedonian people had were able to win apathy,  disillusionment, the habit to let it goes and smoke on it billion of cigarettes, so cheap here. The protest was led from youngsters because, as Salvador Allende was saying, “to be young and not a revolutionary is a contradiction even biological”. The protest was originated by a kinda Macedonian “Watergate” which had seen involved even the prime minister Nikola Gruevski, like in the American case. Suddenly Macedonian people found out that the ruling party was tapping the phones of 20,000 people: opposition politicians, journalists, even bishops, but also its own cabinet ministers, even Prime Minister Gruevski himself. But it wasn’t this to make the protest start.


The protest broke out when the Government stopped the procedure to investigate about it towards 56 Members of Parliament and the prime minister too and decided to nullify their crimes by giving them pardon. It was in this moment it happened something astonishing. Macedonian people felt it had was too much, they couldn’t have lived with it at all. So they started the protest by filling the capital city and the others cities with cries, people and colors. They threw colored paint on the power buildings to question the politics of the ruling party aimed officially to glorify the Macedonian past by spending an huge amount of public finances to build fancy marble palaces, monuments and statues instead of investing in essential facilities (like a better public transportation’s net) which miss in Macedonia.

The march reached Prilep too, and you can still see color spots on the municipality’s building which witness right those claims. Also European commission saw those stains and pressured Macedonian Government- so yearning to get in the EU- in order to turn back. At the end the government revoked all of the pardons and scheduled new elections.

What did the protest change?

Macedonia has still a lot of lacks and problems, the statues are still there so shining and fake, the train net is still underdeveloped, people came back to smoke a lot of cigarettes.

It changed that Macedonia is still- with all its troubles, all its contradictions- a republic.

People have the power, we should remember it every morning when we wake up.

Have a nice colorful 12th April again 😀


By: Vanessa Torcasso

*This article is not presenting the attitude of Youth Council Prilep, and show personal opinion of our EVS volunteer.