G20: An agreement decide to fight against the plastic sea pollution

In general, the pollution become an important subject but no one care. In this article I will speak about this subject and precisely concerning the plastic drop into seas.

For information millions tons of plastic are drop into seas and oceans every years. An impact more and more important each year for all the economics activities like the human health and the environment in general. Also thousands of living being die because of this disaster.

G20’s countries partner sign an agreement on this Thursday 16th June in Japan about to reduce the pollution of plastic trash inside seas. Then countries like Japan decided to ask to enterprises to make charge each plastic bag. Then, countries like France had forbidden it.

If you are still not convinced, micro plastic around less than 5 millimeters, are good absorbent for dangerous chemical products, then they are eat by some mammals, sea animals and birds. For some of us, close family and friends’ health could be sensible to this new danger.

You can start to change it by your own. Stop using more plastic bags, bottles or everything else. Be inspired by other countries’ ecologic’s techniques.


Written by: Theo MAGGESI