French class in high school

For my second time as a teacher, I had the chance to intervene in a high school with three different classes this time. For most of them, they started French language for the first time and they know just some basics. But for others, I was surprise how good they understood and spoke it more correctly.

On this day, I teach them the description of the human body. And just like I did before, I drew the same kind of board description: the hair color, the haircut, the face form, the eyes, the eyes color, the complexion, age and the corpulence.

In the first class, I didn’t draw the description board on the board so I did it with them in the first time. It took the whole hour with them to do that but successfully complete. In the beginning of each new class, I asked them to present themselves in French. Then to describe themselves with the new vocabulary they learned. Finally, to finish I drew a face and they have to describe it, just like I did from the primary school.


Just like my previous lesson in primary school, I enjoyed it. I felt more comfortable this time maybe because this time these students was less shy and more talkative. I worked this time with the French teacher Mirjana, who helped me good as well to translate what they didn’t understand from me. Be that as it may this is another experience I would like to live again maybe as a teacher again.


Written by: Theo MAGGESI