I knew my adventure in Macedonia started when the driver took me from Greece to pass the Macedonian border, stoped at one gas station and even he didn’t have a clue about English, tried to ask me, using Macedonian and body language, if I want a drink or something to eat. I was already sure that I will meet very nice and hospitable people. The first and most impressive thing I had seen in Macedonia was the long chain of mountains through out the country, that met me at the border and led me to Prilep as some guardians of the country. The view was so impressive that didn’t let me fall asleep even I was so tired after 17 hours on the road.

Arriving in Tocila, my neighbourhood, I was astonished by the beautiful view I had. The Marko’s Towers were right in front of my appartment blessing my coming with a big golden cross on top. I met Mile, the Program Manager of YCP, who confirmed my supposition about how friendly and hospitable Macedonians are. Even when I go to the market and there is the language barrier, the sellers are always nice and helpful.

 It’s so much history here, in Prilep. And so much nature. I can walk along the town centre and imagine scenes from the very early times. And here is a funny thing. My first impression about Macedonian language was that it’s a mix of Russian and Italian. Now, living here for one week already, I think differently, especially regarding the Italian part. 😀 Overall, it is a nice language and still pretty unintelligible for me. Since Moldova is a former Soviet Union country and we have Russian written advertisement everywhere, the Macedonian alphabet is pretty familiar to me. Many words resembles with the Russian ones, but of course this is not enough to understand what Macedonian people are talking about.

As far as I’ve heard, Prilep has the best beer factory in the country, the Zlaten Dab or Golden Oak and a chocolate factory, Vitaminka. What else would you need for a good living?

February 6, 2018