First impressions of a young Frenchman in EVS at Prilep

I recently arrived in Macedonia for an EVS in the city of Prilep, I admit I was impatient to return to Macedonia a second time, I actually did an EVS last year in the city of KAVADARCI. So, my goal here is to write an article about my first impressions in Macedonia, but it will be more like my second first impressions then.

I can start with my first reflex after this long trip from France, it was to eat because yes, travelling opens the appetite. And what can I say? Macedonians are good cooks of course, there are some genius ideas, put cheese in the meat, why had I never thought of that? Or pastries, which are very substantial and cheap for the quantity they represent. And if I talk about food I certainly can’t omit AJVAR, I could eat it every day!

I think I’ve talked enough about food, I can tell you about my first visual impressions. Starting with the mountains surrounding the city and the long vineyards covering the hills, drowning in the sun. The architecture of the buildings is interesting, I like this red brick very frequently used. And inside the city I really liked the different statues which all look imposing and massive.

For the short time I’ve been here, I’ve noticed the sympathy of the people, everyone answers and says hello (ZDRAVO) after a simple cross-look in the street. At night, the city is as lively as during the day, and even the shops and boutiques stay open at night, very interesting and useful, it must be said.

So here are my first impressions of the city of Prilep and, in general, of Macedonia. I hope to have a good time here, and that all my projects are going well, and of course I am progressing in the language to share much more with the locals.

Thank you for reading me.


Written by: Germain PICOT