First French lesson in primary school

In the first time here in Prilep, I teach French language to an entire class of young children. I worked with two classes and teached about the material description topic. I worked as a partner with the French teacher Irena Naumoska who gave me the lead to teach.

Starting from a board, they had the choice to describe in all different ways like: the texture, the size, the matter, the quality, the color and the form. We started with some activities for them to had the chance to use some description vocabulary. In a couple of time they already used all kind of description with all sort of activities. For some of them it was hard to pronounce some words especially the form who are very hard to say. When I guessed they understood the concept, I did a last game where I drew something and they have to describe each part with what they learned.



For a first time as a teacher with a class of fifteen people, it was very stressful because I didn’t know what to do or to say sometimes. Also, because the two lesson was very short with only 45 minutes each of them. Kids was very shy too but I was more. They did a great work with me and I enjoyed to work with them. So, the experience was here, a good one to be precise. If I could, I would like to do it one more time.


Written by: Theo MAGGESI