Crooked morning, to wake up after three hours you went to sleep is not so good but the worst is to wake up without Catalin, our colleague who left Macedonia because he finished his own EVS here. I feel weird, tired and I tell my boyfriend calling me that I do not care about the theater workshop we are going to throw in a while. My boyfriend knows me and he let me ramble on. I am just really tense and anxious for the theater’s lesson.

With my colleague Germain we start discuss about what it is better to do. Little by little I am able to overcome my bad mood. I take some notes and I bring down a draft to set the lesson. We move the table and we take away the chairs to create more space. In the meantime the time has come, it is twelve o’clock. The guys arrive here, they come from the medical high school. They put their backpacks in a corner and they line up all together next to the library. They are a bit daunted. I am caught in this scene because it reminds to me a lot of memories about my theater’s experience.

We introduce ourselves and after a gaze of understanding between Germain and me I started the lesson. “Ok guys, before starting I have just something to tell you about theater. If you think theater is something about wearing dresses and moving weird, you are wrong! Theater is just a connection with yourself and with the others. It is the connection you can create when you decide to go deeper in yourself. So I ask you to keep this in mind and, please, even if it is not so easy, try to do not judge neither yourself neither the others. Try just to let yourselves be.

So we started and it was really extraordinary to see these guys get used more and more with theatrical exercises I was proposing them, to see even the shyest of them to throw and to open up themselves to the discovery of their own potentialities. I asked them to image I was holding a little ball in my hands and we started playing with that invisible ball. After a bit of time that ball was invisible just for the others passing from there, not for us. I asked them to find their own “neutral position” that is a perfectly balanced posture of our body and our state of mind and to walk by filling the space around them. It was so satisfying to see them little by little stop following each other and start taking their own personal space.

Then I requested them to make a face and after a bit even a sound when I clapped. To see them start overcoming their inhibitory brakes more and more it was so pleasant. In few words, it was amazing to see them start creating their own connection with themselves and with the others. The lesson lasted two hours and the second part was led by Germain who guided them across the improvisation’s world by using some special dice. At the end they asked us to take a picture all together. Right afterwards I sent a vocal message to my boyfriend to tell him how amazing it was and to recognize my previous state of anxiety but he was not surprised, he answered: “I did not believe you this morning when you say that you do not care about it”. Yeah Honey, you were right. Dear Theater, thanks for existing.

I am so grateful to the guys for being available and enthusiastic and to Germain too for pushing me to just try without overthinking too much, as I am used to do it. Thanks to help me to win my insecurity my little french and to create this amazing opportunity. It was really rewarding feeling for me because I felt their own inner power grew up. They became a little bit more aware of themselves ad the huge chances they have in their life. I really enjoyed a lot this experience with them, I enjoyed their reactions, their ideas, their faces, their energies, their creativity. They really energized my self and I hope they will come back the next time to continue the journey we just started.


Written by: Venessa Torcasso