There is something in life that we tend to forget, the importance of creativity, yes creativity. It follows us throughout our lives, it is it that allows us to create what we can be proud of, to create a company, a project, a future.

Creativity is an essential asset in the modern world, whether in the personal, business or political environment. Creativity is described as the ability to imagine, invent, build and realize a concept, idea, object or original solution to a problem. Above all, creativity is the basis of innovation: to improve processes and innovate radically, you need ideas and imagination.

So, don’t be afraid, sometimes you may think you don’t have any imagination, but this is not true, everyone has this ability, you just have to work on it.

To become an innovative and productive society, we must remove barriers to creativity from an early age. We must also understand the importance of creativity, how to develop it, and collectively integrate it into our schools and workplaces. Creativity must be treated in the same way as physical health: integrating exercises into our daily lives.

While children are encouraged to develop their imagination through drawing, storytelling, and role-playing, there seems to be a time in our lives when creativity begins to get lost.  Our current way of life in the 21st century and our constant quest for performance are certainly important factors. It is well known that stress, overly rigid structures, lack of time and tiredness are the main enemies of creativity.

So why do I feel the need to talk to you about all this? Well, I’m going on a simple principle: Expressing creativity has therapeutic virtues. This allows us to explore a part of our being that cannot be expressed through the mind, the intellectual. To let our creativity express itself brings us a moment of joy and deep satisfaction, helps us to evacuate negative emotions, regenerates us, allows us to express another part of ourselves, the part that is beyond our mind. As a result, when we start to get used to freely expressing our creativity it quickly becomes a vital need for the balance of our life! To touch the benefits of creativity, you must let go of your mind, trust yourself and listen to your heart, let yourself go and dare to create without waiting for any result, and simply be.

Here is a little exercise:
Take a pencil or paint and a blank sheet of paper. Start drawing what you want with your left hand (for right-handed people and vice versa for left-handed people), this will allow you to let go the need for perfection and open up the creative voice. Put in the colors you like. Let go of your pencils, play at expressing yourself freely.

Does your drawing look like nothing? Good, it is unique, yours, it expresses what you have inside you at this moment!

“You have to get beyond the stage where you seek to be perfect to the ultimate stage where you can be yourself. »


We tend to adulate certain people, to say that they had the idea of the century. How did Elon Musk think of creating electric cars, Mark Zuckenberg invented Facebook and Guy Laliberté managed to create the biggest circus in the world? Well, tell yourself that this creativity depends only on you to look for it.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” -ALBERT EINSTEIN


Written by: Germain Picot