Animator, a Passion, an Objective

The graphic universe is a passion world and I like to share it. So I interviewed Arslan Elver who will make discover and share his experience whose himself is fan about science fiction. He participated to many productions like “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 and 2, Star Wars 7, Avengers: Age of Ultron, etc.

For many people, special effect is affiliate to big explosions, but the fact is different because special effect is when you add layers, use to change the atmosphere, change the sky, light effect or create an entire background. But the cheaper and time-consuming is the modeling and the 3D character motion capture.

The ultimate objective for an animator, is to make their creation so much realistic, alive then they could make feel some emotion like laugh or cry to the spectator.

In this way the realization of these kind of achievements if we imagine a big production, ask for big humans product and financial with the mobilization of 4 different studios (for example for the realization of the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”). One of these company reunite sometimes around 46 animators at the maximum because the project is very meticulous. Thus around 800 person worked for the realization of this film.

Special effect are very sophisticated, they become inevitable. 50 years ago everything was tedious and expensive but today everything is just detail. Also nothing change since 15 years, exception for tools and computers, everything is faster now.

About creation everything is lengthy to realize. To create a story, everything depend of the imagination of the realizator mais all the artist working at also. The spectator must to feel immerse on movie’s imaginary because himself is interest on the future. He must think he couldn’t imagine something like.

Arslan Elver think people feel concern by all of that because we all live to a specific epoch, where each of us live surround by entertainment, constantly.

For example the series “Black Mirror” relate astutely by each conclusion how technologies can be dangerous.