A retrospective about my Evs

I have arrived almost to the end of my European voluntary service here in Prilep, Macedonia. I still have 10 days left, and if I look back I really can’t  believe how fast it has passed. It was a pretty good period of my life here.

At on moment I was surprised to see the changes in the city. I arrived here in July and I was used to walk around in a T-shirt, and now it is freezing in some days,But I like Prilep in the summer, autumn and winter too, it is a nice city, especially because of the mountains surrounding it.

A thing that I would recommend for an EVS volunteer here is to go hike on the mountains as much as they can, because the road is not that difficult and the view around  is beautiful, especially at the sunset.

I would say that  the best thing for me here was that I got the chance to learn about myself more, by becoming friends with people from here and seeing myself  how I behaved in relationship with them. I used to be kind of shy , but here I realized that I can be more relaxed and not that anxious when I am out with people. Most of the Macedonians in Prilep are very nice, a lot of them speak English, so as a volunteer it is easy to integrate.

The city doesn’t provide that many  things to do, but if you are creative you can find interesting activities, and also there are a lot of pubs where you can go to meet  with people .

Another good thing is that I got to know other EVS volunteers here in Macedonia. I have my colleagues from France and Italy who are in the same project as me, we work together and we also live together, and it is a good opportunity to share the life with people from other cultures. Also, by travelling I had the chance to meet volunteers from other organisations, and it is beautiful because there is a sense of friendship between us from the start, by doing the service in the same foreign country.

Written by: Catalin Popsor