5 Best cities to Visit in the Fall

Autumn is not only about: abundant rain, cold season, heavy clothes and people hurrying on the street. There are destinations where the autumn comes as a blessing, as they embrace the cities in the most beautiful colors, so we have prepared a top of the most beautiful destinations just for discovering the fall altogether and enjoying its beauty.

  1. Munich, Germany

The top is opened by the city of Munich, famous for its Oktoberfest, autumn festival. How do you want to be part of this world-renowned event for parades, a lot of beer, german music, bavarian food, and joy? Even if you missed the Oktoberfest, the city remains gorgeous throughout the fall, so do not miss the opportunity to visit it.

  1. Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

If you are passionate about history, past or wish for a retreat in a beautiful autumn, escaping the agitation of the big cities Český Krumlov is the perfect destination. Český Krumlov is a Bohemian city in the Czech Republic that preserves the charm of the medieval age. The city is crossed by the Vltava River, and the castle of the same name watches over the city. Its beauty is so impressive that the city has been on the UNESCO list, and the autumn landscapes look really special.

  1. Edinburgh, Scotland

This city embodies the typical seasons of the year, museums, pubs, castles and the rich past transform this city into a charming autumn destination. But if you choose this destination you have to be prepared for the rain almost non-stop but the typical Scottish libraries and cafes could warm up your soul. Regardless of the weather, Edinburgh is a great scenic choice for this fall.

  1. Bruges, Belgium

Another great city for those in love with the medieval city of Bruges, has become the favorite destination of Europeans this season due to the scenery of the city that covers the city’s wonderful buildings. Medieval air, charming canals, cobblestone paths, and the houses with exceptional architecture make this city look like a page detached from grandfather’s stories, narrated in childhood

  1. Hallstatt, Austria

The first place is occupied by Hallstatt, the city of Europe with the most beautiful views of the autumn. Situated on the shores of the lake and on the edge of the mountains, this picturesque Austrian town offers you the perfect scenery that you dream of when you think about the colorful season. This treasure-town, formerly occupied by the Celts, being also a great salt producer, boasts a lot of culture and relaxing activities. It is definitely worth spending an autumn here at least once, to love this season more.
Just choose a destination and transform this autumn into a memorable one.