Your dose of motivation

We all need motivation and each one has its own things that inspire it and helps it to follow its dreams.

„Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover.” by Mark Twain

I think this quote explains why it is important to remain motivated. But we all have days when it’s a lot harder to get up and start to do something, or too many problems to solve. Sometimes we are disappointed or even have no power to believe in us. What can help us then? When the motivational quotes don’t help us or we are too tired to read something.

A good alternative is to listen to the experience of others. Nothing can motivate you more than the history of another man who has gone through the same problems, feelings and worries as you. The way they have done, the truth they have reached, or simply their philosophy of life can help us enormously.

We have selected 3 motivational speeches that will bring you positivism in this late autumn notes. So let’s begin our journey through the lives of others

  •  The first speech is from Simon Sinek. His speech is a reflection of the reality, the weaknesses of the modern generation, and the appearances we live in. Through his words he tries to convey the dependence we have on social networks and that in fact this weakness is the greatest problem of modern society. He urges us to create true relationships, deep relationships, beyond the internet. Let’s find balance, use rational internet, and cherish true, love, reality, not phone calls or phone applications. The speech bears a sadness notes , BUT it has a profound and sincere message. This speech tells us about what we should really CARE. The strongest message he sends is this – “Just enjoy the world”


  •       2. The second speech is shorter but equally strong. Tom Bilyeu generally talks about our thoughts and actions. It is obvious that we have the tendency to have obsessions, the most correct thing is to choose what to be obsessed with. Let’s become our thoughts, get out of fear, go to action and become obsessed with what we want to do with our self in the future.


  • The third speech is from Mel Robbins. It is more a reflection of reality, written about your hesitations. Ideas about the caring of ourself, and also about how people were modeled to be protected from their own fears. She talks about her experience, about her family, and how they managed to move together to action and real facts by mutually motivation.


We’re sure you’ve found the motivation that in these videos and you’re sure that now it all depends on you, on your dreams. Don’t be afraid to try, to mistaken, to learn, to take the first steps towards the dream and to enjoy life as it is.