What can you do with 50 denars in Prilep?

Prilep is a welcoming city for tourists, full of people who offer their help even if they do not know your language, places where you can relax enjoying the coffee and plenty of green grass.

In this article I will share my experience here, I have been in this 2-month city and even if the local culture differs a lot from mine, I am grateful that this city has given me the opportunity to discover it.

First of all, let’s see what 50 denars mean. 50 MKD equals to 0.80 EUR and 0.96 USD. You can think that you can’t-do anything with this amount, but this is also the charm of this city, the fact that it brings you new opportunities and amazes you by its simplicity.

On the first day, we discovered that you can get a trip in the city, to the direction you need, with this amount. Taxi is a type of transport that enjoys popularity in Prilep, most of the people take a taxi to save their time.
So here is the first solution – with 50 denars you can get to the office in the morning when you didn’t succeed to drink your coffee and get late. Most parts of drivers are good-will, some will even teach you some expressions in the local language, on the first trip I learned how to say “to the left” in Macedonian.

Another way to spend the 50 MKD is to take a sweet dessert in one of the most hospitable local from here. Ana tasted a tiramisu and liked it so much that she ordered another one. The place has a pleasant entourage, and especially it offers the opportunity to admire the mountains, the view is memorable and has something like a spring air. In the same place, you can find a small library, what can be more enjoyable than having a little dessert, read a book and admire the mountains?

The third idea to buy something with 50 dinars is to go to one of the local fruit shops. Prilep has a lot of small shops, often you can even find them if you just stroll along the road. It is clear that this city offers you the opportunity to buy fruit every step but the best place to buy fruit in the local bazaar.

Another thing you can put in your pocket instead of the 50 denars is one of the local souvenirs. You can choose a fridge magnet, a decorative elephant or other things to remind you of this welcoming city.

These were some tips coming from my experience. What do you think about this city, what are your favorite places and what you like best about it?