We close our eyes and soul to the most vulnerable ones

The situation of stray animals is an acute problem in the whole world, and Macedonia is no exception to this. Throughout the world, people have divided into two camps, those who fight for the right of the disobedient, and those who care less. Today I invite you to meet Тати Тодороска, an energetic young woman with a beautiful soul from Prilep, is part of an organization he founded last year and struggles every day to save a poor soul who, from the lack of responsibility of the people came to roam the streets. Every saved soul is actually a voluntary act, and Тати is helped by two more volunteer girls, with small but sure steps on the narrow streets of Prilep, she believes soon the number of stray animals will fall. Just as childhood dictates our mature actions and Тати is a living example in this respect.

Did you remember the first dog or cat you have helped? 

It was very cold winter, everything covered in ice. I wouldn’t have noticed her if it wasn’t the sound of the babies. I since always have the fear of ice and this place was far from home I didn’t know what to do. So the only solution was to win the fear of falling to go home somehow. I took my slide and a brought home all of them. This was my first step helping on my own. I was 13 years old. Even younger I had many moments of helping animals together with my mom who was always bringing little birds or cats found injured on the street so I grew up that way always surrounded by animals.

Have the authorities resoloved the problem of stray animals?

We have not been offered any help by the authorities so far, in fact they are standing against our cause. They say, they take care of them and it’s not convenient for them to be on our side. There is a shelter in Prilep, but it is hard to call it that, because it is the place, where dogs are caught held in terrible conditions without food and water for a few days, and then the dogs are killed. I have saved so many dogs form that place, but unfortunately there are many more that weren’t lucky to survive. There was an incident recently in the center of my town ,a girl was very upset seeing a dog being killed by the authorities in front of everyone during the day. We take care of the animals literally on the streets, we don’t have any place to take them, we pay for the medicines, the veterinary and everything and it’s painful to see that it can be killed shortly, just because it was not possible to find a master on time. That’s why everyone’s involvement counts, sometimes an hour could decide the fate of a stray animal.

Although, in Macedonia there is a law that would protect animals, but it only works theoretically, and the white sheet on which it was signed does not help the thousands of stray animals. The difficulty is not just the legal aspect of the problems, but also the human factor that is most often decisive.

What would be the solution from a human, who knows the situation from within?

A solution always exist and it’s very simple. Macedonia is a small country, the problem is solvable in a year. We, the activists of all of the organizations around the country, all these years are proposing sterilization of the strays as the only solution, as well as opening animal shelters in every town. And, of course, punishments for the owners abandoning pets on the streets.

How could other people help the organization and help solve this problem? 

If you can’t or don’t want to help them at least please try not to make our way harder by hurting them. People often say to me: I’m very sorry I cannot help, I’m poor. Of course you can! You can help with donation of only 50 MKD (less than 1 euro) that has no meaning in your life I’m sure. You can always help by giving water and food to the strays, donating your old things instead of throwing them out, offering a temporary place until we find solution (for an hour, a week or a month-as long as you can). Cause we need you. Without you we cannot make the changes. We are in this together for our furry friends.

Look deep into the eyes of any vagabond animal, suddenly his life will look as precious as yours, and you will become as vulnerable as they are. It’s strange that in a modern century so developed, thousands of people are failing to find a solution to this problem for years. It’s probably enough to find an antidote for indifference, and the problem would disappear by itself. The world would be a better place if all people would love unconditionally, as our younger friends do it.