To do…before the summer is over

7 day challenge

Try something new for a week. Posting a nice photo every day, a quote, a song. Do sport for half an hour. Watch a movie every night. Meditate. Read. Cook. You can even try “7 days of random acts of kindness,” where you can surprise a dear friend every day with a letter, an old picture of you, an ice cream. Choose a thing you’ve been thinking for a long time to do, but you’ve been postponed for tomorrow. Even if you do not continue to do it after the 7 days, you’ve even experienced something new.

Catch a sunrise

It would be a pity to pass through the summer and you would not have enjoyed a sunrise. You do not have to be at sea, you can look for a cool building in Prilep or Ohrid and you can climb on it to enjoy a story rising.

Go on a trip with the tent

Prepare your backpack with all you need and take your food for 2-3 days. Will be extremely fun both the state of the tent that brings you an expeller? new? (If you have not done that before) and the way you went before you get there.


Is the easiest way to learn how to work in the team and prepare you for your future job. Plus it does well when you apply for a job or a project and would provide you with an active summer.

Photographic challenge

The last proposal is a photographic challenge, choose a hashtag (#photochallenge, #augustchallenge, #dailychallenge) and post the following photos for 10 days: (and if you like what went out in the 10 days you can try to continue for 100 days, The internet is full of daily photo challenges)


Day 1: Selfie

Day 2: Outfit of the Day

Day 3: A beautiful building

Day 4: Something you love

Day 5: Childhood picture

Day 6: Favorite book

Day 7: Your shoes

Day 8: Black and White

Day 9: Something you want

Day 10: The Sky


Just don’t forget to enjoy the last summer days 🙂