Things that harm the human brain

Like other organs, the human brain is not protected by external factors that are often harmful, but knowing it can be avoided. We invite you to discover some damaging factors, and all you have to do is avoid the future.

Too much sugar

In the long time, the effects of excess sugar on the brain can be devastating, shows a series of studies. At the same time, constant consumption of sugar in particular, sweet carbonated beverages could cause brain damage similar to those seen in Alzheimer patients, suggests specialists at Macquarie University in Sidney. So among the harmful effects are memory weakness, diminishing learning capacity and slowing down the brain.

You don’t sleep enough

Sleep affects absolutely everything, including emotional and mental capabilities, as well as body functions. Sleep is how our body regenerates and without it our system functions in a defective way. Is very important to determine exactly how many hours of sleep you need to feel rested. So when you spend another night without sleeping do not forget that your brain at that moment hates you.

You can not live without your mobile phone

When was the last time you completely dropped any electronic device? Can’t remember? It’s not a good sign. “All the devices we have at our hands are overpowering,” says Clay. “And if we are constantly connected to them, then we never really rest and do not allow the body and the mind to relax. Ultimately it is very possible that these things turn into depression and anxiety. ”

You do a lot of things at the same time

We are all guilty of multitasking: take lunch at the office, look on facebook, watch TV and write messages all at the same time. Research shows that although many people think they are more productive if they do more things at a time, the theory is completely false. In fact, multitasking makes us more stressed and unable to communicate effectively.

Social isolation and loneliness

Are detrimental to brain health, loneliness has been associated with an increased risk of dementia, low social activity with poor cognitive functions. No one forbids you to spend some time in loneliness when you need it but these states should not be frequent, because your brain wants something else.


It is harmful to both the brain and the body, increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and lung disease. Smoking negatively affects the brain by degrading memory and learning and judging, researchers from King’s College in London show.

           So do not forget the next time you think that your brain is empty, it means that you actually influenced it negatively in the past and you were quite indifferent to it, it just has to answer reciprocal. Be more responsible and your life will get another color.