The smoker’s trap. Why does it have a pack of exactly 20 cigarettes?

Nothing is accidental, nor the fact that a pack of cigarettes has fixed 20 pieces and not 10, 30 or another number. This vice causes many victims annually, the most common disease that begins with smoking is lung cancer. Despite warnings and legal constraints recently added to stop this vice, smokers still spend a lot of money on their cigarettes, thus reducing their lives. This is why many countries have been banned from smoking in public spaces or near minors, but Macedonia remains an exception to this.

Have you ever wondered why a pack of cigarettes has 20 cigarettes? Everything is well thought out.
This number, according to specialists, maintains tobacco addiction. A package is designed to provide 13 hours, during which the individual is active. A single cigarette raises serotonin levels for 40 minutes, and after that, the hormone decreases and there is another craving for cigarette smoking.Neurotransmitters command the brain to deliver new significant amounts of this hormone. The main problem with smoking is not just the tobacco content of a cigarette. There are a number of other more dangerous chemicals, which is why the packet is marked with the message: “Smoking kills”. After smoking a single cigarette in a room, it takes two hours for the breath to breathe. In fact, particles are at the lower end of quality, even after the two hours.
Recently, it has been discovered that many cigarettes contain arsenic used for rat poisoning or cyanide. “A major problem with cigarettes is that they contain hundreds of other ingredients, not just natural ones in the tobacco plant,” said Dr. Luz Claudio for the Medical Daily.
“What complicates this, even more, is that these chemicals, when they burn, form other chemicals that also have a harmful effect on health,” the doctor said, according to Mediafax.