The BFG-Steven Spielberg- 2016

The BFG is the meeting between two of the personalities that created dreams and imagination of several generations: Roald Dahl, British writer whom homonym book was released in 1982, and the world-wide known American director Steven Spielberg.

bfg 1

The first on put his signature on around twenty books for children, all of them magically unique and never trivial. The perfect combination of drama and comedy, of fearful situations and reassuring elements is a characterizing aspects of his work.

James and the Giant Peach , Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , Fantastic Mr Fox ,The Witches and Matilda are only some of his books that deserve to be named.

Steven Spielberg , instead, doesn’t need an introduction since his reputation comes first.

Shortly, it is the story of Sofia, a young orphan that is, during a sleepless night, kidnapped by a giant. Once in the Giant’s Country, at first afraid, she discovers that the magical creature has a big heart, generating an adventurous and tender friendship.

The Big Friendly Giant, as she calls him, in continuously fighting against the other giants living in the country, all the time looking for succulent human beings to eat.

The final fight will be unexpected, hilarious and surreal.


The movie is a real magic, both for children and grown ups. The balance between positive and gloomy elements keeps he eyes on the screen for the whole length of the movie. The visual aspect, furthermore, is simply remarkable and contributes to increases the enchantment of the film.


Finally, it is extremely interesting the reflection regarding dreams and reality. The movie, undoubtedly dreamlike oriented, analyzes the power that dreams have on real life, the way the affect each of us, both positively and negatively, making us children again.