The awesome 7 things to do in this hot days

So… here we are, in the last summer month. Summer is the most beautiful season, perfect for holidays, meetings with friends, fun and cool activities. However, sometimes the sun is too big and you don’t find activities that will make your time more beautiful.

That’s why Pulse Radio give you some advice perfect for the summer fun:

1.Visit a garden or go to the park.

The parks are the most beautiful in summer. You can choose a walk in the park to enjoy the beautiful weather, stay in the shade of a tree, to gather your thoughts and enjoy the quiet time. You can see pairs of elderly people who walk together, they are adorable or small children taking the first steps on the grass together with their parents.

In Prilep are many beautiful parks, they are waiting you. Maybe they are small, but they are ours. The park we are suggesting is Park of the Revolution with a beautiful view to the mountains and a lot, a lot of green grass.


2. Take a picnic.

Going to a picnic is another good idea. Eating lunch outside with a friend is an activity that could save your day. Stake out and have a large open spot in a local park, tell all your friends to bring food and drinks, and have an afternoon of games and sports planned. Or if you’re more an introverted person, take a blanket and your favorite book and make a story from this summer.


3. Find an outdoor pool or splash park.

This summer I taught my new friend to swim. It was a wonderful experience. What did you say if you went to a pool with your friends? It would be great, huh? The pools are perfect for fun and crazy stuff.


4. Make a lemonade.

Take this advice for a break. Lemonade makes you feel in a movie, especially if it’s made by you. Preparing a lemonade is very simple, you can find ingredients tips on youtube.


5. Enjoy an ice cream.

Ice cream doesn’t require advertising. It conquers you with its vivid colors and perfect taste. We tried the ice cream in the city center, it was amazing.

6. Savor the Summer Nights.

You can never forget the summer series.  Is there anything better than spending a starlit Summer night with your family, chasing fireflies and eating goodies? No. There is no.

Youth Council Prilep has organized a movie night on this week. Keep your eyes on us, so you don’t lose any joyful events.


7. Take skateboard lessons.

Buy a skateboard to make your summer incredible. You can find lessons on YouTube with the first tips on how to drive a skateboard correctly. We also have a very colorful skatepark in Prilep. In this summer take the skateboard like your must-have accessory.

Have a awesome end of summer with Pulse Radio.