Tell me what you’re listening to and I’ll tell you who you are

Ever since its appearance, music has become an important part of every man’s life. Whether you prefer pop, rock, hip hop or even rap style, you certainly can not imagine a day without a melody heard at maximum volume. And it involuntarily gives your soul the dose of good mood and lust for life. It is scientifically verified that different types of music can have varied effects on the mind and the psyche. But their influence is not limited only to psychological aspects, because we know well that psychic states influence the functioning of our body. There is a direct relationship between music, heart and circulatory system, depending on the speed of the melody, the heart adapts by increasing or decreasing its pulsations. This relationship in the heart can be extended to body temperature, relaxing music favors the lowering of body temperature, while compulsive music favors its growth. At work, it has been demonstrated that music reduces stress and tension. So do not hesitate to listen to a good song, even when you are at work, surely it will not fall off writing ability but on the contrary.

Still, our favorite musical style also defines what personalities, scientists think:

The blues fans have increased self-confidence, are creative, open, gentile and peaceful.
Jazz fans have increased self-confidence, are creative, open and quiet.
Classic music fans have increased self-confidence, creative, introverted.
Rap fans have increased self-esteem and are open.
The country and western music fans are very laborers and adventurers.
Rock or heavy metal fans have low self-confidence, are creative, do not work hard, reconciled.
Fans of commercial pop music have increased self-confidence, hard work, gentle, but they are not quiet.

You have certainly noticed that music is present everywhere, especially in shopping centers. This is explained by the fact that, sometimes under the influence of a certain type of music, even increases in productivity have been observed. The brain reacts differently to sad or cheerful music. Another interesting thing about how emotions are affected by music is that there are two types of emotion in relation to music. Perceived and felt. That means sometimes we can understand a melody without really feeling it. That’s why some of us find sad music to be pleasant, not depressive. Although there are many studies that come to analyze and explain why music has so much influence on the human body, it remains an open theme because the paradox is that, the music must be lived and listened. Music is not to hear it is to feel!!!