My second trip to Ohrid

Last weekend I visited Ohrid again, this time the reason was the Ohrid Calling festival. The festival took place on from the 1st of August until the 4th of August, on the Atina Bojadzhi Stadium. First day, on Wednesday the headliners were Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, the second day, on Thursday, it was supposed to be Roger Sanchez and Jax Jones, but Jax  Jones cancelled with only one day before, so the organizers, Avalon Production found another one,  Salvadore Ganacci. Friday there weren’t any performances, and on Saturday the main attraction of the festival was Armin van Buuren.

I attended only on Saturday night, I went there just for Armin, but some friends from Prilep told me the other two nights were really great. I went to Ohrid on Saturday morning by a private taxi,which I booked a day before with the help from my colleague at the office. On the way there, the taxi picked up a girl I know from Prilep, so I had a chance to talk on the way there.

After arriving to the center of Ohrid I headed to the house I was supposed to stay. There, a friend from Prilep stayed with some of his friends during the whole festival. At about 12 we went to the beach. I really enjoyed it because the water was not that cold, and the view of the lake and the mountains surounding it was really amazing. We stayed there for about three hours,and after that we headed back to the house.

We stayed there for another two hours,and after this I wanted to take a walk through the center of Ohrid,so I went for a bit to explore.I arrived near the lake at the perfect time,because the sun was seting down at that time,so I got to take some good photos and to enjoy the atmosphere .The center was full of all kinds of people, there were a lot of people that were playing instruments on the streets, trying to make a good vibe as you would walk around. I also got the chance to see some galeries, there were quite a lot, from pictures, to sculptures, to wooden artistry.

After I finished exploring, I went back to the house to get ready.We left the house at about 10 pm, and walked about half an hour up to the stadium. We arrived there as the second warm up artist, Yaska was finishing his set.After him came Bruno Martini,which had a good trance set with a little trap/dubstep influence. I really liked it . At first we stayed close to the first rows in the center of the stage,but after Armin started, at about 00:30, I went a bit closer to the exit, because I wanted to dance and I didn’t have enough space in the front,there were a lot of people and it was quite crowded. I think that about 15,000 people attended the festival on Saturday night, mainly because of Armin van Buuren. He is pretty popular all around the world and has been making music for over 20 years.

I  enjoyed Armin’s set, he had some songs I really liked.He performed for about two hours,so at about 2:45 we left the place and headed back to the house.We were a bit hungry so we stoped by at the shop to get some bread, pashteta and salami and we ate some at the house. The next day we woke up at about 10,and packed the things and waited for the taxi to come,so at about 3:30 I was back to the house in Prilep.

It was a pleasant trip this time,it was different from the first one,because I got to explore the city again and also enjoy the concert,and I think that the next time I will go I will try to discover more the cultural part of the city.


Written by: Catalin