Like Crazy-Paolo Virzì-2016

Like Crazy (original title: La Pazza Gioia) is an Italian movie directed by Paolo Virzì, undoubtedly, beside personal tastes, one of the more interesting contemporary Italian directors. 

Pazza gioia 1

The film is meant to be a delicate, bitter sweet analysis of the relation between normality and madness, mixing elements belonging to the traditional Italian comedy and innovative topics.

A complicated and unique travel where, the two main characters, the crazy Donatella and Beatrice, lead us by hand. Here we reconsider the reassuring comfort zone we are living in, realizing how sometimes the only way to experience, even if for a fleeting moment, true and deep freedoms is to be deeply lost.

Foolery, interpretable as the only fair way to reach each one’s nature, is female. It is the supportive reaction to the social taboo and blaming of fragility and diversity.

Pazza gioia 3

The two main actresses, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi and Micaela Ramazzotti fully embody these concepts valorizing their character, as well as the characters valorize their performances. The result are unusual synergy and empathy, strongly reminding of “Thelma and Louise” (that is also openly qoted in the movie). It is for these reasons that the acting comes out to be one of the strength of the movie.

The direction, as well as the other technical aspects, might seem unrelevant and shabby. The whole filming machine appears, indeed,to be made completely available for the story and the acting, sacrificing any kind of useless style exercise. As a result the movie is honest and racy.

Furthermore the way that comedy and tragedy merge in Like Crazy is spontaneous, made of dialogues and looks, contributes to the genuineness creating a movie that is showing the essential, and no more than what we want to see, without turning hard to be understood.

Here is the element of interest in Virzì’s style: creating an understandable, smart movie in which the lovely empathy for the characters and the emotionalism keep the audience in suspense for a little bit more than one hour.