Feel the Light – Manaki Brother Film Festival 2016

The International Cinematographers Film Festival “Manaki Brothers” ,at its 37 edition under the supervision of Blagoja Kunovski, is held every year in Bitola (Macedonia), in the middle of September.

It is the first and oldest film festival dedicated specifically to the creativity of cinematography.

Manaki 2

The event, organized by the Macedonian Film Professionals Association (MFPA) is dedicated to Yanaki and Milton Manaki, the two pioneers of Balkan cinematography: they debuted with a 60 second short movie filmed with a 35mm film camera they imported directly form United Kingdom. This was, indeed, the first film camera to be used in the whole peninsula and, as a consequence, their “The Weavers” (1905) will be considered as the first motion picture ever produced in the Balkans.

Furthermore the name of the more prestigious award given at the festival, Golden Camera 300, is directly connected with the Urban Bioscope film camera they brought from London. Three hundred was, in fact, its the serial number.

Manaki 3

The festival, beside the different film sections, is also bringing several and diversified cultural events in the city, both for adults and children, namely, workshop, masterclasses, exhibitions, concerts and, for this year, the prestigious IMAGO Congress.

Some of the major venues of the city,such as the Center of culture and the Bitola Theater, are involved. Here the atmosphere is relaxed,informal friendly and intellectually extremely busy.