Autumn allergies. Find out what their symptoms, causes and treatment are

Autumn does not just mean hot tea and beautiful landscapes but also brings us the unpleasant surprise „autumn allergies”. Some of the major causes that may be involved in producing autumn allergies are: Pollen weeds, especially the weevil, or the parrot grass and the grasshopper, black wormwood. Mold spores, which are often found on wet leaves in parks and gardens, and belong to  Cladosporium herbarum, mites or some microscopic living in the house dust. The venom of the wasps that are becoming more and more present where sweet fruits, such as grapes, plums, apples or pears, appear.

Symptoms that announce an allergy

Although quite present, allergies are not usually identified on time. Here are some symptoms that would help you find out if you’re allergic to the fall or not.

– redness of the eyes, tears, intense itching or swelling of the eyelids.

– dry, irritable coughs, difficulty breathing or wheezing, reaching the skin’s dryness with itching and reddening in different areas where persistent eruptions can also be covered by small vesicles or scabs.

– nervousness, lack of concentration and permanent fatigue.

Many people who have allergies triggered by weed pollen often have symptoms when eating certain foods. Bananas, courgettes, chamomile tea, celery, sunflower seeds, fennel, cumin, cucumbers, or melons can cause strange symptoms such as tingling and itching that may occur in the pharynx or mouth, edema of the lips or tongue , sometimes accompanied by hoarseness or difficulty in swallowing.

Treatment of autumn allergies

Treatment options for people suffering from various allergies in the fall months are personalized according to their type, as well as their presence in various combinations. One of the best treatment options that can bring a real benefit by influencing the development of allergies in the long run is vaccination with allergen extracts or specific allergen immunotherapy.

Evaluating allergy symptoms and triggering factors is not an easy task, and often it is much better to leave it to the experts. You just have to know that allergy is not a sentence. So, if you’ve been experiencing the symptoms of one of the fall allergies, it’s right to ask for an allergologist help.